The Industry

Trucking: an opportunity-filled industry.

Everything and anything at one time or another has most likely been moved by truck before it makes its way to you. Think about it; the package your friend sent you at Christmas, the groceries you pick up at your local market, the gas you pump at your neighbourhood service station, the supplies and materials you order to your office – they all arrive to their destination by truck before you can ever touch them.

No matter how you look at it, one thing is sure – trucks keep Canada moving.

Yet, while so much of what you see of the industry are the big rigs and drivers, there are so many other people supporting the road operations to ensure everything arrives safely and on time. As a result, the trucking industry is loaded with exciting, vibrant career opportunities.

Today, the trucking industry is large, dynamic and growing. As a result of the industry's growth, there is a need to recruit and attract talented people with a wide variety of education and skills to take on a range of positions – some in areas that may surprise you. You see, trucking isn't only about driving – it's about making sure that goods reach their destination. To make that happen, it takes a team of dedicated professionals.

Just consider the following: Trucking is a $67 billion industry that employs more than 500,000 Canadians in a variety of positions. However, despite being an important component of the Canadian economy, the trucking industry, like many other sectors in Canada, is beginning to feel the impact of an aging workforce and fewer people entering it. Essentially, the demand for shipping outweighs the industry's capacity to deliver. As a result of this excessive demand, the industry is positioned for growth – because there simply aren't enough qualified people to meet the demand.

So when you combine the volume of work with an aging workforce, one thing becomes clear: this is an industry ripe with opportunity for hard-working people.

And these opportunities can be had at a variety of different kinds of companies, including for-hire carriers, private carriers, owner-operators and courier firms. Of course, while the common face of the industry throughout all these different types of companies is the driving function, each sector is unique and differs by:

  • the size of their fleet of trucks
  • the type of equipment they use
  • the geographic scope of their operations
  • the type of services they offer
  • the type of freight they carry

They can also be differentiated by jurisdiction of operations. Carriers that provide interprovincial or international (extra-provincial) trucking services fall entirely within federal jurisdiction, while carriers that operate solely within a province fall within that province's jurisdiction.

So what does all this really mean to you? Simply put, there's a great opportunity for you in the trucking industry! Regardless of your age, education or background, you can find a good fit for yourself here. With a number of training and on-the-job support programs, competitive pay rates, and numerous benefits, this is an industry that offers growth, stability and career progression.

So, are you a person with drive?