Links to Other Useful Sites

These websites provide useful information on a variety of specialized topics related to the trucking industry.

Owner-operator's Business Association of Ontario
  • Good articles and information for those considering becoming an owner-operator
Professional Truck Driver Institute
  • Great information on the trucking industry in the United States including opportunities, training, the variety of legislation and regulations across the US
  • Provides good links to a variety of American trucking publications
  • Provides extensive information on driving across the United States including rest stop information, local support organizations and regional association contact information
Women In Trucking Association
  • Organization encourages the employment of women in the trucking industry
  • Good resources on becoming a professional driver
  • “Is it for you” which details the lifestyle, personal and professional requirements of driving
National and International Women's Trucking Association
  • Message boards for women drivers
  • Tips for the road
  • Support and advice for women looking to pursue a career in trucking
  • Represents women drivers nationally and internationally