Links to Industry Associations Across Canada

Regionally-based industry associations are able to provide a wide range of information specifically targeted to the trucking industry in the area where you live. They are a key source of information on locally-offered training programs and employment opportunities, and provide key information on industry members in your area.

British Columbia Trucking Association
  • Comprehensive information on the industry in British Columbia and across North America
Alberta Motor Transport Association
  • Good general information on the industry in Alberta
Saskatchewan Trucking Association
  • Information on the Immigrant Nominee Program led by the STA with Service Canada to recruit foreign drivers
Manitoba Trucking Association
  • Offers courses for members
  • Good general information on the industry in Manitoba
Ontario Trucking Association
  • Careers in Trucking section, including information on training, education and industry FAQs
Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association
  • Section on Training opportunities in Atlantic Canada
  • Careers section with job postings
Association du Camionnage du Quebec
  • Association offers a wide variety of specialized training related to the trucking industry
  • Good industry profile
Camo route
(Quebec Provincial Sector Council for the Trucking Industry)
  • Information on training, provincial standards and programs targeted towards long-haul, forestry and heavy truck drivers
  • Information on training and certification for mechanics
  • Listing of the variety of career options available in the trucking industry including drivers, mechanics and operations staff
Canadian Trucking Alliance
  • Good general information on the trucking industry
  • Section coming on HR & Labour in the industry
Trucking Human Resources Atlantic
  • Trucking Sector Council representing the Atlantic region
Prince Edward Island Trucking Sector Council
  • The PEI Trucking Sector Council is an Industry-driven, not-for-profit organization committed to addressing human resources issues and opportunities in the Trucking Industry on Prince Edward Island
  • The Council provides a vehicle for effective industry participation in identifying and addressing issues related to workforce attraction and retention, career awareness, skills upgrading and training