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Finding your way in the Canadian trucking industry.

Truckingcareers.ca is an initiative of Trucking Human Resources Canada. It's designed to inform people the exciting and dynamic career opportunities available in the trucking industry.

As you explore this site, you'll learn that trucking is about so much more than just driving.  You'll see that the Canadian trucking industry is about high paying, challenging jobs that differ greatly from one to the next. You could be a driver, but you might also work in vehicle maintenance, fleet operations or cargo management. Or, your job might help support the overall industry through one of the Allied Trades.

The trucking sector is filled with companies that are always on the lookout for fresh talent. And if the array of positions doesn't grab you, the lure of top-dollar salaries might. Many trucking industry jobs pay well.

We encourage you to visit the Trucking HR Canada corporate website to learn more about the organization and its industry-leading initiatives.

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